Welcome to Healing Hearts

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About Us

Healing Hearts Community was created to provide a safe and welcoming space for women trauma survivors. Each month, the community will have a topic for helping guide any conversations. Different resources and tips will be shared from three different professionals: a  Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Our goal is to help you build resources and tools for your toolkits.

This community is also a space to share your wins, struggles, and to lean into a supportive community. This is a judgement-free zone.

Note, this group is not for coaching, if interested in coaching please book a Discovery Call. To find out more information and to join Healing Hearts, check us out here. We’d love to have you join us!

Why You Should Join Us

Join other women trauma survivors in this safe community space designed specifically for self-healing from trauma. Healing Hearts shares resources and tools for your toolbox so that you can determine what supports suit your self-healing journey best. This community prioritizes fun, healing, and more through recreation and leisure activities, making it unique to other mental health communities.

Benefits of a Private Membership Community

  • Safe and welcoming space for women.
  • Resources and Tools from a CertifiedTrauma Recovery Coach, and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.
  • Exclusive workshops and classes to members.
  • Being surrounded by other women who can relate with your journey.
  • Encourages high-quality conversations and relationship building.
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